Invitation to The Vault

Invitation to The Vault

You have been invited to the Vault

The Vault is an invite only club offered to a select few reefers that have made a huge impact to Tyler's Tanks.  Our purpose is to provide a large savings to your budget while helping Tyler's Tanks have a national impact evolving into ""

If you sit back and look into your reef, think about all the dollars you have spent on additions and maintenance to your aquarium. The goal of The Vault is to create a small VIP coral club to help you with the cost of livestock, equipment, and maintenance. Also giving Tyler's Tanks LLC, the final boost we need to compete on the national online market. Let's be honest here, we have all built an aquarium and we know how much money goes into that piggy bank. 

We have put together 2 tiers to offer you:

Tier levels  Gold ($5,000) Platinum ($10,000)
Time Frame 8 months 12 months
Coral Box Per Month $1000 ($8000 total value by month 8) $1250 ($15,000 total value by month 12)
Additional Coral Sales 20% discount 30% discount
Equipment  15% over cost 7.5% over cost
Service work  10% discount 15% discount


The Coral Box:

Upon picking out your coral box you are allowed to hand pick the value of your tier once per month. The box value is created by the prices displayed in-store or online. 

Additional Coral:

Separate from your monthly coral box you are allowed a discount per your tier on any additional coral bought outside of your monthly plan. 


The tier you have subscribed to allows you deeper discounts on all equipment. This is a secret club so that includes map price items. Your percentage tier is on top of the store's cost. 


All quoted service work according to ( is discounted based off your tier level. 


What is not included:

*Auction Items

*Extended sales (no discount stacking)

*Sales on any platform except or in-store  

*Gold - 1 month membership pause allowed

*Platinum - 2 month membership pause allowed