Blue Alveopora

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Flow: Low-Med

Light: Low-Med

Size: 1-1.25"

Alveopora (Alveopora sp.)sometimes called Flower Pot Coral or Alveopora Daisy Coral are a type of LPS coral. They look similar to the Gonioporahowever they can easily be differentiated by looking at the number of tentacles they have per polyp. Alveopora polyps have 12 tentacles instead of the 24 that are found on Goni’s. This large polyp stony coral is native to the Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and is also available as an aquacultured species. They are a hardy coral and prefer to be placed in an area of the reef tank that receives moderate lighting and low flow. Use caution when placing them near other corals as they tend to be aggressive and will sting. They produce their own nutrients with the help of zooxanthallae, but their diet can be supplemented with coral food, phytoplankton, and zooplankton. Dipping these corals will help to reduce the introduction of pests into a tank. Make sure to acclimate them slowly, it may take time for them to adjust to the new tank’s water parameters and lighting.