Jingle Bells Cyphastrea

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Cyphastrea (Cyphastrea sp.)is a genus of encrusting Small Polyp Stony corals that can add color and delicate flow to reef tanks with it’s small flower-like polyps. They are native to the Indo-Pacific, and Indian Ocean. While most species are encrusting and will grow over the top of hard surfaces, there are some types that are branching. They are a tolerant type of SPS and prefer low to moderate lighting and an area with moderate flow. Their zooxanthallae provide them with nutrients but they will also eat coral food, zooplankton, and phytoplankton. Before adding this SPS coral make sure to dip it and slowly acclimate it to the reef tank. It may take some time before it fully adjusts to the aquarium and fully opens up but once it does it grows quickly.