Smooth Skin Psammocora

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Psammocora (Psammocora sp.)corals are a type of Small Polyp Stony (SPS) coral that are native to the Red Sea and the Pacific but are also available as an aquacultured species. Sometimes referred to as Cat’s Paw, these coral are not all that common and have a unique fuzzy looking appearance from a distance. Often they are found as encrusting species, but there are also species that are branching. They can be a quick growing coral and prefer moderate to high levels of lighting and moderate to high rates of flow. If considering supplementing their diet, phytoplankton or a coral food could be used, but they are self-sustaining thanks to symbiotic zooxanthallae. This is a peaceful coral and should be kept with other similar types of corals as they aren’t able to defend themselves. Dipping corals will help to prevent unwanted pests from entering aquariums. It is important to slowly acclimate the corals to a tank. Sometimes this process can take up to several days for polyps to fully open up and get used to the new tank and lighting.