Acid Trip Bubble Tip Anemone

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Light Requirement: Low 100-200par

Flow Requirement: Med

*Single Nem

Bubble Tip Anemones (Entacmaea quadricolor) or “nems” are one of the more popular types of Anemones available on the market for several reasons. While they are loved for their color and their unique bulb-tipped tentacles, one of their biggest attributes is their ability to “host” a large variety of Clownfish species. Bubble Tip Anemones are native to the Indo-Pacific especially around Australia. These nems seem to prefer being located in areas where they will get moderate to high lighting and flow. However, of all the types of Anemones, the Bubble Tips are most likely to release their foot and move around a tank, so if they do not like where they have been placed they will move. This is something to keep in mind when building a tank. Because they move, they can easily get stuck in overflows, powerheads, or other intakes that might be in the tank, so make sure to have guards in place. Like all Anemones, they can sting nearby corals as well as human hands, so use caution when placing them, and keep an eye on nearby coral to make sure they aren’t getting stung. When it comes to feeding, they enjoy a variety of meaty foods like shrimp, squid, scallop, and even pieces of chopped up fish like silversides. In order to ensure a smooth transition into their new home, make sure to acclimate them slowly allowing them to get used to the new tank’s water parameters, before placing them in the tank.