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Trachyphyllia (Trachyphyllia sp.), also known as Trachys, Brain Corals, Crater Corals, Folded Brain Corals, and sometimes, mistakenly, Wellsos, these are a type of LPS (Large Polyp Stony) coral that are native to the Indo-Pacific waters. These are fairly large corals that make a good reef tank centerpiece and come in reds, greens, pinks, and sometimes in a mix of colors. When placing them in a reef tank, they should go on the sand bed in an area where they will get moderate water flow and lighting. They do have the ability to sting other corals, so make sure to leave some space between them and nearby corals. Brain corals have a symbiotic relationship with zooxanthallae, which provide them with the nutrients they need, but their diets can be supplemented with phytoplankton, small meaty foods like Mysis, or even some of the commercially available formulated coral foods. They are a species of coral that is easy to care for, but make sure to monitor water parameters and acclimate them slowly before placing them in a new system. Keep in mind that they may need time to adjust to their new environment before they will fully open up.