Bachelorette Party XL Colony Goni

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Goniopora (Goniopora sp.)are a genus of corals that are often called Daisy Corals or Flower Pot Corals. While they look very similar to the Alveopora sp., Goni’s have polyps which each contain 24 tentacles while the Alveopora sp. only have 12. These LPS (Large Polyp Stony) corals are native to the Central Pacific Ocean and are also a genus that is aquacultured. Place them in a reef tank where they will get moderate to high lighting and moderate to high flow, but where they are away from other corals as they will sting. These corals can be difficult to keep and are not recommended for beginners, but if you like the look of them, consider adding the slightly easier to care for, Alveopora sp.instead. Like many other species of LPS,Goniopora sp. have symbiotic zooxanthallae which provide them with a food source, however their diets can be supplemented with coral foods, phytoplankton, and zooplankton. Consider dipping the coral prior to adding them to a system to reduce the risk of unwanted pests. When acclimating them, it should be done slowly, allowing for the coral to adjust to its new tank.