Bumblebee snails (Engina sp.)

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Bumblebee snails (Engina sp.)  are one of the smaller snails (½ inch) found in Clean-Up Crews (CUCs) and because of their size they are praised for their ability to get into and clean areas that other crabs and snails cannot reach. Despite their small size their colorful black and yellow pattern makes them easy to spot in a tank. These snails, native to Indonesian waters, are opportunistic omnivores and will eat meaty foods, decomposing organisms, detritus, and bits of algae. In addition to being found on reefs, they can also bury and sift through the sand, oxygenating it while consuming worms that reside there. These snails would be excellent for heavily fed tanks. Due to their sensitive tissues, Bumblebee snails need to be drip acclimated slowly over the course of several hours. As for any species, water quality is important, however these snails are sensitive to raised nitrate levels, so make sure to perform water changes regularly. Additionally, any copper treatments and medications should be avoided.

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