Cobalt Aquatics USB Battery Powered DC Air Pump - Single Output

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Single Output | Battery Powered | Silent

Cobalt USB Powered air pumps use a 5V DC powered motor that also has an onboard battery that can last up to 24 hours without a direct connection to a power supply. It can run continuously or with a 10-second on/off cycle in the battery powered mode to make the pump last as long as possible. Power outages will usually last just a couple hours, but you never know when disaster could strike and have an outage for a few days. When your aquarium water goes without flow, O2 levels will start to drop and after a few hours, the lack of oxygen could start to cause serious issues for your fish. By just dropping an airline with a diffusion stone into your display tank creating some surface movement will help promote gas exchange, keeping the oxygen levels from depleting.

  • Onboard Battery Backup
  • Perfect for Power Outages
  • Uses Standard 3/16" Tubing
  • Silent Operation
  • 10 Second Oscillation Option
  • Auto-On When Power Loss Is Detected*
  • 3-Year Warranty


The Cobalt USB DC Air Pumps can be charged through USB power banks and car adapters making it a must-have for any reef tank. 


Keep your water oxygenated during any of these instances:

  • Power Outages
  • Transporting Fish
  • Add O2 During Medications
  • Collection Trips
  • Frag Swaps
  • Local Fish Store Tours

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