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Scolymia (Homophyllia australis) are beautiful disk shaped LPS corals that come in a variety of vibrant and neon colors. Sometimes called Disk Coral, Scolys, and Donut Coral, they are native to Australian waters. Place them in an area of the tank where they will have moderate flow and lighting and also where they will have some extra space as their flesh is able to expand, nearly doubling its size. Once established they are hardy corals and while nutrients are provided to them from their photosynthetic zooxanthallae, their diet can be supplemented with formulated coral food, or small bits of meat fed directly to them when their feeding tentacles are extended. As their stony plates can provide a home to unwanted pests, it’s important to dip them before adding them to any reef tank. These large polyp stony corals should be acclimated slowly to their new tank, keeping in mind they may take some time to fully adjust to their new environment.