Gold Tip Hammer 1

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Branching Hammer Coral (Euphyllia parancora)are one of two types of Anchor or Hammer corals. They differ from the Wall Hammer Coral in that their skeletal structure is, as their name suggests, branching like tree limbs.They are native to the Indo-Pacific, but they can be aquacultured and come in a variety of colors such as green, purple, and occasionally gold. Their ideal location is somewhere where they will get moderate flow and light. During the nighttime or if they are agitated, these LPS corals will pull their polyps into their skeletal structures, only extending them again when conditions are more ideal. From their base they will grow out and up, which is important to be mindful of when it comes to their placement as they have stinging tentacles that can damage nearby corals. These corals are photosynthetic, but they will also consume prepared foods like brine shrimp or premixed coral food. Before adding them to a reef tank or aquarium, make sure to drip acclimate and dip them to reduce the risk of parasite introduction. Trace elements and minerals are important in the formation and growth so make sure to stay on top of water quality testing.