Fat Head Duncan

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There are hundreds of different corals available to add to your reef tank and they can be broken down into a few main groups, one of which is LPS. LPS stands for Large Polyp Stony coral. These types of corals are characterized by their larger fleshy polyps that rest above stony bases. LPS coral contain a symbiotic photosynthetic algae called zooxanthalle that allow them to provide nutrients for themselves, but their diets can be supplemented with food and many hobbyists enjoy watching them eat. They are easy to feed as they typically exhibit rapid feeding responses and can be target fed. In addition to being easier to feed, their care requirements aren’t as intensive and they are more forgiving, making them a good choice for beginners. Common types of LPS coral include Micromussa lords (formerly classified as Acans), Trumpet corals, Euphyllia corals which include (Torch corals, Hammer corals, and Frogspawn), Bowerbanki, Bubble coral, Scolymia, Donut Corals, Goniopora, Alveopora, Galaxea, Brain coral, Blastos, Plate corals, and many more. As with most species of coral it is important to dip them before adding them to a reef tank. Additionally the corals should be handled with care and slowly drip acclimated to the tanks water parameters before being directly placed in the tank itself.