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Fungia (Fungia sp.) also known as Plate Corals are a type of large polyp stony coral that can be found with both long and short tentacles. They are native to the Indo-Pacific and come in a variety of different colors like green, orange, and purple. This LPS coral should be placed in an area with low to moderate lighting and flow. Both types- short and long tentacled- are able to sting other corals, so keep that in mind when placing them. They are able to produce their own nutrients with the help of symbiotic zooxanthallae but their diets should be supplemented a few times a week. With their centrally located mouth they are easy to feed and will eat a variety of foods including, phytoplankton, small bits of meaty foods, and formulated coral food. Once established, as long as the water parameters are correct, these disc corals should be fairly hardy. Make sure to dip these before adding to any tank, as their bases can sometimes harbor pests. During the acclimation process, handle them with caution and acclimate them slowly.