Seachem MetroPlex 5g

Seachem MetroPlex 5g

    • Treats protozoan parasites and anaerobic bacterial diseases
    • Little danger of overdose
    • No impact on bio-filter
    • Well suited for medicated food mix for internal parasites


    MetroPlex™ is an effective and safe treatment for several protozoan and anaerobic bacterial diseases of fish (Cryptocaryon, Hexamita, Ichthyophthirius). It does not adversely affect the filter bed and is easily removed with carbon. It can either be dosed into the water or combined with Focus™ in a medicated food mix. It will treat both internal and external infections regardless of the delivery method. When used in a medicated food mix, it is excellent for treating parasites in tanks that contain invertebrates. MetroPlex™ is gentle and there little danger of overdosing.

    Active ingredients: metronidazole (70%) Inactive ingredients: excipients (30%)


    MetroPlex™ is appropriate for treating a variety of protozoan and anaerobic bacterial diseases of fish. Below are some of the more common diseases treatable with MetroPlex™. Be aware that many diseases and infections share similar physical and behavioral symptoms, e.g. clamped fins, lesions, loss of appetite.

    • Ich (White Spot)
    • Hole in the Head / Head and Lateral Line Erosion (HLLE)
    • Velvet
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