Newa Therm VTO 300W
Newa Therm VTO 300W
Newa Therm VTO 300W

Newa Therm VTO 300W

Fully submersible, automatic aquarium heater. It maintains the right temperature and gives superior performance, economy and security. Specially engineered to with stand the harsh environment of saltwater aquariums, its features make NEWA Therm eco ideal for use in freshwater as well. Every component has been designed to give precise and efficient heating and to provide years of reliable service. Thermal shock-resistant quartz tube. Provided with a sensitive and dependable thermostat that keeps temperature constant. Lightweight and balanced, with full set of strong supports clips and suction cups for a secure anchorage.

- Adjustable temperature
- Easy and precise setting
- Waterproof & electrical double insulation
- Great for saltwater & freshwater
- Operation LED indicator
- Durable and shock-resistant Quartz tube

- 25W (8.2") - Up to 8 gallons
- 50W (8.2") - Up to 13 gallons
- 100W (9") - Up to 25 gallons
- 150W (11.7") - Up to 40 gallons
- 200W (11.7") - Up to 80 gallons
- 300W (13.7") - Up to 105 gallons

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