Nutramar Trigger Pods

Nutramar Trigger Pods

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Nutramar Tigrio is a packaged culture of living Tigriopus sp. copepods. These copepods are an excellent source of nutrition for your marine aquarium inhabitants as they contain protein and essential unsaturated fatty acids (HUFAs). Besides being a great food for fishes and invertebrates, these copepods will inhabit the aquarium and serve the function of active detritivores.

  • - Each bottle of Nutramar Tigrio is cultured to provide the upmost quality and nutrition. The copepods erratic swimming motion will tempt many finicky fishes to begin feeding eagerly
  • - This is an excellent food for filter feeding corals and other invertebrates
  • - Nutramar Tigrio is cultured in purified and ozonized saltwater in a controlled environment
  • - Ingredients: Tigriopus species copepods, saltwater (live culture)
  • - Size: 4-ounce plastic bottle
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