Purple Bubble

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Plerogyra (Plerogyra sp.), also known as Bubble Corals are a type of large polyp stony corals that consist of a hard stony base and grape sized bubble flesh. They are native to the Indo-Pacific, but they are also available as an aquacultured specimen. When it comes to placement in a reef tank, these LPS corals should be situated in an area with moderate lighting and low to moderate flow. As they have stinging tentacles that come out at night, make sure to leave enough space between them and other species. They are a hardy and easy to care for coral. While they contain zooxanthallae that provide nutrients for them, they enjoy many types of food from phyto and zooplankton, to brine shrimp and other small meaty foods. Additionally, they will also benefit from formulated coral foods. Use caution when handling them during dipping and placing them in the aquarium. Make sure to acclimate them slowly and give them time to adjust to their new environment.