Reefbrite XHO Blue LED Strip

Reefbrite XHO Blue LED Strip

Designed by Tullio Dell Aquila, the XHO LED‘s have the highest output of any product in their class. Experience Xtreme performance at an affordable price. Mix multiple units to create your own Xtreme High Output Led lighting system. Stylish black anodized housing, high performance reflector system, and assembled in the U.S.A. XHO LED‘s are the professional’s choice.

*Compatible with Apex when paired with (3M01344) - Reef Brite LED Controller Interface - Single, or (3M01343) - Reef Brite LED Controller Interface - Dual.

Available In

Blue Actinic - Specifically selected LEDs to enhance the fluorescence and pop. These are most commonly used to supplement T5 lights and metal halide lamps.

Daylight White - Ideal to accent the Blue Actinic Lighting in reef aquariums for custom XHO fixtures, or as a stand alone light for freshwater aquariums.

50/50 - Great for bringing a bit more shimmer to T5 fixtures and highlighting colors in your corals with a proprietary, balanced mixture of LEDs.

Mounting Options

Each XHO LED Light comes with mounting brackets that can be attached to most T5 fixtures that have screw on end plates. They can also be mounted with Reef Brite's LED Mounting Legs, or hanging brackets (each sold separately). 

XHO Model
Dimensions Length # of LED’s Wattage
15x1x1.75 15 12 18W
24x1x1.75 24 18 27W
30x1x1.75 30 24 36W
36x1x1.75 36 30 45W
48x1x1.75 48 36 54W
60x1x1.75 60 48 72W
72x1x1.75 72 54 81W

Important Notice: to get the maximum performance and life out of Reef Brite LED products, all models and power supplies should be located in a well-ventilated area. Failure to do so may void warranty.

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