RODI Carbon Block Filter - High Capacity

RODI Carbon Block Filter - High Capacity

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Fits most residential RO/DI systems (Standard 10 Inch Canisters)

The AquaFX 2 Micron High Capacity Solid Carbon Block removes Chlorine and other Volatile Organic Compounds effectively up to 12,000 Gallons at 2 PPM Cl2. If you are using this filter in a RO or RO/DI remember the concentrate (waste) stream counts in the total gallons through the filter.

Features & Specifications
- 4X longer life than standard carbon block
- Reduces and removes taste odor
- Max. Water Temperature - 140F
- Max Water Pressure 120PSI
- Manufactures to FDA Standards
Custom Aquariums &

Our services aren’t just limited to personal and private aquariums, we offer a full range of custom services for larger scale commercial clients as well. Let the professionals at Coral-Vault handle your tank’s service and maintenance so you can spend your time relaxing and enjoying your aquarium.

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