Sunset Monti

Sunset Monti

Auction items will be invoiced once sale ends and you have 48 hours to pay your invoices online. In-store pick up in Haslet TX is allowed but payments must be made online before you show up. Auction style is "POPCORN" In the last 2 minutes if an item receives a bid then the timer will reset +2 minutes. Make sure you refresh the page repeatedly to stay up to date for the current bid times and prices.

If you need help finding all the items you won follow these steps.
Go to:
-My account
-View bids
-Select all & Pay

All items won can now be combined into one invoice for payment. Once the auctions have ended go to your account menu. In the top left corner there is a button that says "view my bids" click on that and it brings you to your auction menu that shows current bidding on products, winning products, and losing products. Click winning products, select all, then pay.

When checking out the default shipping rate will show combined shipping at $0. You must pay shipping on one of your orders so that we can ship out your order. If shipping is not paid then your order will be on hold till shipping is paid. Rates are $39.00 to the lower 48 states and $29.00 to the state of Texas.

*If you win an auction you must pay for that auction
*All auctions must be paid in 48 hours, if you need additional time please contact us.
*Please pay for your items you win because it hurts the business if you do not pay for them when someone else could have. Repeated offenders will be banned from the platform

All live goods purchased must buy a shipping box to receive your order.


NOTE: Local pickup is free.

Select a Local Pickup shipping module if picking up at Coral-Vault

Coral Vault only ships out healthy and pest-free specimens. If something changes with a specimen that is in your order between the time you order and when the coral is shipped out, we will contact you to discuss your options. 

Orders are shipped overnight, Monday-Thursday. Orders are packaged and shipped as they are received and you will be contacted regarding your shipment. If you have a special delivery request, it should be noted on the invoice or by sending us an email.  

All corals purchased online are guaranteed alive on arrival. We use specially designed packaging to ensure livestock arrives in optimal condition. If we see there will be extreme weather or other circumstances that will create poor shipping conditions we may request to cancel or delay a shipment.

We recommend having the shipping facility hold your order for pickup. This prevents specimens from exposure to the heat or cold and riding around in a delivery truck. Most packages are available for pick by 10:30 AM. If you select this option, we require pick-up within 2 hrs of arrival. To have your package held at your local shipping facility, please make a note when paying the invoice, or email us immediately after you make your purchase. 

Some species such as Hammers, Torches, Frogspawn, and other similar corals can pull their tissue into their skeleton during shipping. This reverses itself once the coral is placed in an aquarium.

In the rare circumstance you receive a coral that is Dead On Arrival (DOA) you must do the following: 

Send two CLEAR photos of the coral WITHIN 1 hour of arrival time (as noted by the first delivery attempt). All of the following are necessary for the claim to be considered: Photos must be submitted to . DOA claims sent via Facebook and Instagram are not valid. Photos must be taken from 2 different angles Item must be SEALED in its original packaging and still be on the original frag plug. Photos MUST be clear.All blue photos are not accepted. Send a CLEAR 20 second video. The video must include:Clear visual of the item in questionThe box it was packaged inShipping label on the box

We may request additional photos, videos, or for the specimen to be sent back to us. DO NOT DISCARD corals or packaging until the DOA claim has been confirmed by us. The customer is responsible for the cost of return shipping. If you have to return your order, we recommend shipping through your local facility.

If your claim is validated, we will issue store credit for the price that was paid for the coral. In the event of a DOA, shipping costs are not refunded. Corals that are part of a giveaway, or are a bonus item that is part of sponsored events are not eligible for DOA claims.

The following are not covered by our DOA Guarantee:

Damage occurring to items during unpacking. Damage occurring to items in unmounting the coral from its base/ frag plug.Damage occurring to items during dipping. Carrier delays due to external circumstances such as mechanical failures, or extreme weather events. 

Cancellations must be done so within 24 hours of ordering and are subject to a 25% restocking fee. .

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Custom Aquariums &

Our services aren’t just limited to personal and private aquariums, we offer a full range of custom services for larger scale commercial clients as well. Let the professionals at Coral-Vault handle your tank’s service and maintenance so you can spend your time relaxing and enjoying your aquarium.



I have had nothing but a positive experience with Kendall and Tyler helped launch me into the hobby, and have been amazing answering questions and providing support. Still have all frags I have purchased, very healthy. Also, very reasonably priced!

Katie Roark
Pampa, Tx

I’ve always had an amazing experience with the owner and his store. They have the best selection of high end coral, fish, best prices and excellent customer service! Whenever I have a question, I’m offered a couple different recommendations with pros and cons for each option. The owner, Tyler is fun to chat with and always relates to my woes and successes. The new warehouse looks amazing, I can’t wait for it to open up. I’ve got loads of items to buy!

Bert Blank
Alameda, Ca

Some of the best corals out there! Got 5 acanthophyllia, 2 indophyllia, 1 red heart elegance, and a purple cynarina. Can't express how happy I am with the corals and the shipping. Had them in my tank in less than 10 hours from leaving his. Coral health was the best I've seen!!! Some nice freebies too! Can't wait to get my next order from him!

Matthew Farris
Elba, Al

Sunday was my first time to visit Tyler & Josh and let me say I have never seen such a bright and beautiful collection of corals. I absolutely love the ambiance at Coral-Vault!!! Thank you again for helping my husband and I find some amazing additions for our tank. I can not wait to come back!!!

Kandi Cumba
Weatherford, Tx

This is the place for high end corals and fish. When i found this place I was surprised that a fish and coral store could be this awesome. They are always playing good music and the vibe is chill. They always have deals going on too. If you live far from this shop you will not regret making the drive. The only sad part is they are moving soon so i cannot wait to visit the new bigger shop.

Ariel Franco
Grand Prairie, Tx

A coral-buying experience unlike any other! I was recommended by a bunch of my friends to check out this business.

Upon walking in, I was immediately captivated by the amount of tanks, lights, LED screens, and decor, all while being completely surrounded by hundreds of the most beautiful corals I have ever seen!

Tyler and his staff are a team of die-hard hobbyists who understand coral like the back of their hands. I’ll admit that I wasn’t expecting to be as astonished as I was, but one visit to Coral Vault, and you’ll immediately know why they are one of the best saltwater-only businesses in the DFW area.

I’m happy to feel welcome, confident, and certain every time I come in to purchase corals from them.

Jacob Pak
Dallas, Tx

The store is absolutely awesome and Tyler the owner was extremely helpful. He was honest with me and tried to help me get the right stuff instead of shoving more sales at me.

Will definitely be returning.

Pete Tormey
Fort Worth, Tx

Coral Vault is the best shop in the DFW metroplex for high-end corals. Tyler is very knowledgeable about saltwater aquaria and provides great customer service.

Richard H. Van
Richardson, Tx

I was looking to make my dream tank happen after years of being out of the hobby. I had the display tank built and delivered but after being canceled on by nearly a dozen people I was starting to think my dream tank was going to be a permanent part of my yard.
Tyler and his crew ending up saving the day and moved my 600g beast into her new home. He has gone above and beyond to make my tank reef-scaped and plumbed to perfection.
If you are looking to have a true show-stopping tank you would be a fool not to hire Tyler’s Tanks. His newest storefront is an incredible expansion to his incredible collection of fine corals and ready to introduce fish.
DFW has needed a store of this quality for a long time.

Ben Hudgins
Fort Worth, Tx

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