Tideline ROX 0.8 Premium Activated Carbon - 1 Quart

Tideline ROX 0.8 Premium Activated Carbon - 1 Quart


- Superior performance for Freshwater, Saltwater & Pond Use

- Low dust, rinses extremely fast

- Removes toxic substances, medications & chemicals

- Eliminate foul odors & discoloration

ROX 0.8 Carbon is a favorite among aquarium hobbyists and considered by many to be the best carbon available. Its unique extrusion size offers superior surface area. Combination of large and small pore sizes maximizes adsorption range of undesirable substances.

Rinse ROX 0.8 Premium Carbon well prior to use. We recommend 1/4 cup per 25 gallons of your aquarium water (or 1 cup every 100 gallons). Placement inside a media reactor is most ideal and will give best results. If using a media bag, place the bag in a high-flow area of your sump, or inside a canister or hang-on filter.
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