Reefers with an addiction

Tyler W

It’s not often you can say you already have your dream tank, but that is the case for Tyler, owner of Coral-Vault. 11 years ago, after having a Dog Face Puffer things started to snowball as Tyler became addicted, as many of us do. Over the years he has learned from battling outbreaks and practiced patience as he dealt with water parameter swings. It was in 2018, when out of necessity, he began selling coral to help bring in extra income to support his family. What started out as a side hustle turned into a brand that brought both family and the local reefing community together. Tyler is grateful that you have allowed him and his family to be a part of your reefing journey.  


Kendall H

We all remember our first tank that got us into the hobby and for Kendall, Coral Vault’s Reef Engineer and Aqua culturist, it was a 29 gallon Craigslist find 10 years ago. Now, he has 3 systems ranging from a 210 gallon system all the way down to a 1 gallon pico mixed reef. His love for Zoa’s is clear when you see his 50 gallon Zoanthid propagation system. He loves seeing the excitement and awe in new hobbyists coming into the shop but his advice to take your time, always do your research, and test frequently is beneficial for both beginners and advanced aquarists alike.  Kendall’s dream tank is a 350 gallon SPS dominant tank that needs a calcium reactor.