Eshopps Ez Feeder
Eshopps Ez Feeder
Eshopps Ez Feeder

Eshopps Ez Feeder

Make feeding time EZ with this new frozen food feeder by Eshopps. Instead of waiting to thaw your frozen fish food in the kitchen before feeding, you can now simply toss it in the EZ Feeder and let it defrost and dispense in a convenient, secure location of your tank. Unlike similar feeders from competitors, the Eshopps EZ Feeder features a securely-fitted & o-ring-sealed lid, making it fully submersible so that you can reach lower levels of your tank and accommodate bottom dwelling species. Its strong, anti-slip rubber magnets can hold onto tanks with a thickness up to ½”.






Keeps frozen foods contained while defrosting

O-ring sealed lid -- fully submersible feeder

Anti-slip rubber padded magnet





Dimensions: 2” x 3”

Max. Tank Thickness: ½”



What’s Included?


1x Eshopps EZ Feeder 

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