Reef Octopus Super Reef 6000SSS Internal Skimmer 12"

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The Super Reef Octopus 6000 Space Saver Skimmer is powered by the high performance Bubble Blaster 6000 pinwheel pump. The skimmer comes equipped with a gate valve output to allow for precision control. The collection cup has a quick release neck for easy removal for cleaning.
- Small Footprint Lots of filtration without sacrificing valuable sump space 
- Bubble Diffusing Chamber and Hybrid Cone Body that naturally reduces and stabilizes the foam production; This means less turbulence in the neck area and more contact time for organics to rise and collect 
- Oversized Air Silencer for quiet operation and airline mount 
- Large Collection Cup with flow directional guide, drain and unit venting 
- Precision Control with the easy to turn output flow valve 
- Power The Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster 6000 pinwheel pump offers super efficiency and the very best in performance.
Bio-load Handling (Excluding Sump)
- Light Bio-load - 600 Gallons
- Medium Bio-load - 500 Gallons
- Heavy Bio-load - 400 Gallons

  • Small Footprint
  • Extended Body to Cone Transition
  • Powered by Bubble Blaster 5000 Pump
  • Removable Turbulence Reducing Bubble Plate
  • Easy to Remove Collection Cup
  • Air Silencer
  • Precision Control Output Valve
    Solid Acrylic Construction
  • Body Size: 12in
  • Footprint: 15 x 12.5in
  • Neck Size: 7in
  • Total Height: 25in
  • Output Size: 50mm/1.5in
  • Output Height: 6.2in
  • Recommended Sump Water Height: 6.5 to 7.5"
Pump Information
  • Reef Octopus Bubble Blaster 5000 Pinwheel Pump
  • Wattage: 45 Watts
  • Air Draw: 2100 lph / 74 SCFH*
  • Water Draw: 1800 lph / 480 GPH*
  • *Air and water results will vary depending on aquarium setup
-2 year warranty on pump
- 1 year on rotor
- 1 year on skimmer body

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